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Server Status
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The table below shows the status of all servers. You can use this page to check if any of the services on the servers are down.

Server WEB FTP MAIL Server Info Server Load
[% of Resources In Use]
[Since Last Reboot]
WHS1 [Tampa, US] Server Info 0.80 566 Days 03:18:47
WHS2 [Tampa, US] Server Info 0.08 806 Days 03:40:43
WHS3 [Tampa, US] Server Info 0.06 504 Days 07:00:46
WHS5 [Tampa, US] Server Info 0.08 488 Days 22:21:01
WHS7 [Tampa, US] Server Info Not Available Not Available
WHSX [(16) VMWare Servers] Server Info 0.02 902 Days 00:15:47
WHSX [Prague, Czechia] Server Info 0.02 11 Days 14:14:08
WHSX-LA [Los Angeles, US] Server Info 0.63 462 Days 13:08:07